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Water Heaters





  1. Rebates  – For water heaters purchased at Guernsey-Muskingum
Pricing includes the following:
FREE - Delivery
FREE - Maintenance (except cleaning), including Parts & Labor
FREE - Pressure Relief Valve
FREE - Radio-Controlled Switch



Vaughn 50-gallon:  11-year warranty
                                 3" foam insulation, 4"hand-hole cleanout
                                 dimensions 28” dia. x 52” hght.  (Weight = 230 lbs.)
$650 Wholesale Cost
$250 Member Rebate
$400 Net Member Cost, plus tax



Marathon 85-gallon:  lifetime (same owner) manufacturer warranty
                                    2.5" foam insulation
                                    dimensions 29” dia. x 71” hght. (Weight = 135 lbs.)
$1,150 Wholesale Cost
$   250 Member Rebate
$   900 Net Member Cost, plus tax


Installation may be available for an approximate charge of $120.


  1. Cash back – for electric, storage water heaters purchased elsewhere, with installation of a radio-controlled switch (hybrid water heaters not eligible).
$100 cash back for: $50 cash back for:
✔ 50-gallon ✔ 40-gallon
✔ 7-year warranty (or longer) ✔ 7-year warranty (or longer)
✔ 91% or higher Energy Factor ✔ 91% or higher Energy Factor


To qualify for cash back incentives and discounts, members must allow the free installation of a radio-controlled switch. Prices and rebates subject to change. Contact us or call Guernsey-Muskingum at 1-800-521-9879 for more details.


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