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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Lowering Bills

There are many ways to lower your electric bill. The greatest challenge is lowering your bill, while maintaining the same lifestyle. Nearly all efforts require a change of habits and often sacrifices. Lowering your electric bill may also require a financial commitment to purchase more efficient equipment, upgrade your home's insulation, windows, etc. Call Guernsey-Muskingum and ask for the Member Services Department. Allow us to help you find some opportunities to lower your electric bill.

New Concord     740-826-7661

Ohio Toll Free    1-800-521-9879




Cooperatives, or co-ops for short, are organizations where owners contribute equitably to the capital of the business and democratically control its operations. Cooperatives are owned and controlled by the very same customers who use their services. Although there have been examples of cooperative endeavors throughout history, the modern cooperative movement traces its roots back to Rochdale, England. In 1843, a group of striking flannel weavers decided to take control of their food supply instead of relying on the corrupt company store. Cooperatives operate according to seven basic principles.



Lights Blink

Blinks are a result of momentary outages that occur when a disturbance exists on the line. This could be as simple as a squirrel or branch contacting a power line or it could be lightning, an automobile hitting a pole or a cracked insulator.

When lights blink, it is an indication that the Cooperative's equipment is operating properly. If a fault or short occurs on a power line, a device called a recloser opens to stop the fault and then quickly closes back in. Although the process is quick - and usually temporary - it may cause your lights to blink, making it necessary to reset clocks and microwaves.

The recloser is a breaker, functioning much like a breaker or fuse in your home's service panel. It permits power to continue flowing through the line with only brief interruption of service, rather than causing an extended power outage. Without a recloser, a blink would be an outage, leaving you in the dark until a line crew could respond to make repairs.

Many blinks caused by weather or nature's creatures are beyond human control, but you can lessen the effects and inconveniences of blinks when they occur. Consider purchasing small appliances and digital clocks with battery backup. You also may want to purchase an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your computer or other electronic devices whose "memory" would be lost with a power interruption.



Trees Close to Power Line

Do Not Attempt to cut tree branches that are near a power line. Call Guernsey-Muskingum Electric at:

New Concord     740-826-7661

Ohio Toll Free    1-800-521-9879

Report the address of the problem tree(s) and a Cooperative representative will contact you to investigate the situation and determine the appropriate course of action.

Service Availability Charge

The service availability charge represents the fixed costs to provide service to each member. It is independent of your kWh usage charge. Some items included in the charge are:

  • Maintenance of poles, lines, transformers, and other equipment in the system so electricity is available for use when you need it.
  • Expenses to keep trees and brush away from the power lines and meters.
  • The administrative cost to present a bill each month. 



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