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Which Generator to Buy

Buying the right generator can seem like a formidable task. Actually, in just a few easy steps, you can effectively determine which generator is right for you. 

  • Identify the tools and appliances you wish to operate with your generator.
  • Determine the required wattage for each.
  • Total the required wattage of items that will be run simultaneously.
  • Choose the generator that meets or exceeds this total wattage requirement.



MOTOR STARTING is another consideration when buying a generator. Keep in mind that, depending on the efficiency of the motor, it may require up to 2 times the running watts to start or 7 times for air compressors, pumps, and air conditioners.




HP Running Watts Starting Watts
1/6 HP 460 340 - 850
1/4 HP 725 450 - 1050
1/3 HP 800 560 - 1300
1/2 HP 970 760 - 1800
3/4 HP 1340 1080 - 2600
1.0 HP 1700 1250 - 3000
1.5 HP 2300 1600 - 4200


NOTE: If you do not know the wattage requirements of certain tools and appliances, look at the back or bottom for a label and apply the following formula:

(Volts x Amps = Watts)


Generator Wattage Guides

GenerLink Safety Device 



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