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Renewable Energy

Wind turbines from the Story County Wind Energy Center in Story County, Iowa

Buckeye Power has added capacity from a variety of renewable energy sources in and out of the state of Ohio.

30 MW of wind energy capacity from the Story County Wind Energy Center in Story County, Iowa. Buckeye Power is one of six G&T cooperatives jointly sharing the output from this facility under separate PPAs.

4.45 MW from agricultural biogas projects in Ohio. Buckeye Power purchases the excess generation from animal waste anaerobic digester systems at four locations across the state. Bacteria break down the manure produced at these dairy, pork and poultry operations to create the methane gas used to fuel engine-and-generator sets. Power flows onto the grid via interconnections with the member systems Consolidated, Midwest, North Western and Paulding-Putnam electric cooperatives.


The landfill methane generation facility near Mt. Perry, Ohio 6.4 MW from the Suburban
Regional Landfill near Mt. Perry, Ohio. The landfill methane generation facility is owned and operated by Waste Management, Inc. Buckeye Power has executed a PPA for all output, using interconnection provided by South Central Power.


55-MW entitlement from the New York Power Authority (NYPA). This attractively priced hydroelectric power was added in 2004. NYPA is the largest state-owned power organization in the nation and a nonprofit provider of generation to electric cooperatives, community-owned electric systems and private utilities. This power is primarily from the Niagara (90 percent) and St. Lawrence rivers.


In FY 2008 Buckeye Power joined the National Renewables Cooperative Organization (NRCO), a “super cooperative” tasked with identifying viable renewable energy projects and making green power available to its members. NRCO includes G&T co-ops and distribution cooperatives in multiple states that serve more than 22 million consumers. Renewable energy solar panelsNRCO allows members to jointly pool their resources to participate in and benefit from utility-scale renewable energy projects.


Buckeye Power’s renewable energy demonstration projects—a wind turbine at Indian Lake High School in Logan County and a solar panel at Butler Rural Electric Cooperative—continue to provide educational opportunities for students and the public, while helping build a performance database for evaluating the efficiency and return on investment of small distributed generation systems. The wind turbine erected and monitored by high school science students won a Cooperative Research Network “Cooperative Innovators” award.


EnviroWatts® — Electric cooperative members can elect to purchase green energy through this program. Renewable energy comes from Buckeye Power’s biogas and landfill gas generation systems and the Story County Wind Energy Center.



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