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Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy Connection Steps

Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative, Inc.

17 South Liberty Street

New Concord, OH 43762



For Cooperative members interested in installing a renewable energy source such as wind or solar, we ask that you contact the Member Services Department at Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative, Inc. for the proper forms to complete. Often renewable installers will complete the forms as they are electrically technical.


As a member of the Cooperative, we have the long-term relationship and encourage you to review and have “comfort” with your installer before signing. 


The minimum steps to interconnect and have a net-metering arrangement require:




  • Compliance with the Technical Guidelines for Interconnection and Parallel Operations  


  • A visual “bladed” disconnect at Service Disconnect to a) Disconnect Entire Service or

b) Disconnect Renewable Source from Service


  • A one-line diagram of Renewable System and Interconnection


  • Data sheets on panels and inverter(s) for UL


  • Proof of liability insurance according to agreement




  • Pay Application Fee of $225 to Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Attn: Member Services


  • A Professional Engineer with your Cooperative will review the system for safety and the National Electric Code.


  • Once the system is reviewed, installation may begin.


  • Please Do Not begin System Installation without Cooperative approval.  Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative, Inc. will work with members and their installers to keep the process moving forward ASAP.


  • After system completion, your Cooperative will make a final inspection and install the net-meter.


  • Your Cooperative will read these meters each month.



There is a renewable energy rate which applies to net-metered accounts.

Net Metering Rate

Service Availability                              $             40.00

First 2000 KWH/month                       $         0.11310

Next 13000 KWH/month                     $         0.11464

Over 15000 KWH/month                    $         0.11408

Sample Bill for 500 KWH=                  $             96.55

Sample Bill for 1000 KWH=                $           153.10

Sample Bill for 2000 KWH=                $           266.20


Farm and Home Rate

Service Availability                              $             22.00

First 500 KWH/month                         $         0.12834

Next 1500 KWH/month                       $         0.11510

Next 13000 KWH/month                     $         0.11464

Over 15000 KWH/month                    $         0.11408

Sample Bill for 500 KWH=                  $             86.17

Sample Bill for 1000 KWH =               $           143.72

Sample Bill for 2000 KWH=                $           258.82


RATE AS OF 2-1-20

Example of a Solar Home which uses 2000 KWHs/month

Before Solar: $258.82

If Solar generates 50% of electricity or 1000 KWHs/month

With Solar: $153.10

Can the solar array generate 1000 KWHs/month?

How much does a solar array cost which can generate 1000 KWHs/month?


Why is the Service Availability higher for Net-Metering?

Having electric service “available” has fixed costs which all members share.  Outage restoration, Right of Way clearing, poles, transformers, bill generation, audits, etc. regardless of how many KWHs are used.  These accounts have a programmed meter and require a manual read each month.  In order to be equitable to all members, net-metered accounts should use less KWHs at a lower rate, but still pay their share.


Guernsey-Muskingum Electric exists to serve all members as a non-profit Cooperative.  We encourage members to carefully evaluate all renewable energy proposals. We can be a reliable resource to contact, as your decision to use renewables has virtually no impact on the cooperative.    


For more information on Solar Home, please visit this link:

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