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Operation Helping Others

What is Operation Helping Others?   

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A number of cooperatives across the country have begun programs so members can pool their resources to address local community needs. For over sixty years, Guernsey-Muskingum’s mission has been to improve the quality of life of our members by providing affordable rural electric service where there was none.  Operation Helping Others is a voluntary program that rounds up your electric bill to the nearest dollar and uses the change as a donation to fund this project. 

What are the funds used for:

  • Volunteer fire departments and community EMT’s for purchasing necessary equipment.
  • Projects such as renovating community facilities, parks, or ball fields.
  • Helping needy families who are experiencing large medical expenditures.
  • Funding school programs, such as field trips, that fall outside the scope of other funding avenues.
  • Community safety programs, food banks, Meals on Wheels, seniors’ programs, and programs for the disadvantaged.

Operation Helping Others is not a program to pay electric bills.

The committee appointed to administer "Operation Helping Others" funds does not consist of Cooperative employees, Cooperative directors, or elected officials. There are seven districts in Guernsey-Muskingum’s service area and each one is represented on the "Operation Helping Others" Committee.

The seven-person "Operation Helping Others" committee meets quarterly to decide which projects, programs, or needs to consider for assistance. Each group or individual applying for assistance is asked to complete a form describing their need and how assistance would benefit their community.  Attach information including copies of estimates, receipts, bills and/or information about the group or individual. The committee representatives decide which projects should be funded, according to the funds they have to award. Results of committee activity will be published in Ohio Cooperative Living magazine. Funding comes from the Cooperative’s members. But, only by their choice. Again, this is a voluntary program. And, this is how it works: 


Sally Smith's Electric Bill $73.44
Sally Rounds-Up Her Bill and Pays $74.00
Left Over $0.56


The 56¢ is used in our communities (decided by "The Committee"). For instance, let’s say Sally’s electric bill is $73.44. Sally’s bill would show a donation of 56¢ to Operation Helping Others. The total bill Sally would pay is $74.00--that is, $73.44 for electricity, plus her 56¢ donation. This 56¢ is used in our local communities as decided by the "Operation Helping Others" committee. All monies donated by the Cooperative’s members is spent under the direction of the committee. The Cooperative itself provides all necessary administration and accounting of funds with existing Cooperative personnel. Therefore, every penny raised by your donations to Operation Helping Others will go to assisting needs in the community.



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