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March 2020 Rate Revisions

No one likes rate revisions. Your Board of Directors realizes the financial pressure those of us in southeastern Ohio experience, but also realizes our obligation to provide you with reliable electric service.


The Service Availability charge, which currently is $22 per month, will not change. Service Availability affects what the Cooperative does locally…billing, tree-trimming, setting poles, etc. Not that piece of the bill relating to wholesale power costs or high voltage transmission costs. Those items are recovered separately through the Generation and Transmission Component (GTC).


The GTC, which recovers the costs of generating and transmitting power to a substation, to be used by cooperative members will increase by 2 mills or $2 per 1,000 kWh’s. This revision will be effective with the February 2020 bills.


Our goal is to hold the line on rates as long as possible. Although the cooperative has passed on increases in the past, we have been fortunate to be able to handle most of the rising cost by selling more kilowatt hours. For 1000 kWh’s in December 2019 a Farm and Home bill was $141.72.  In September 2012 the same 1000 kWh’s was $141.72. Seven years, that is rate stability.


Guernsey Muskingum Electric Cooperative is committed to delivering electricity to you at the lowest possible cost and minimize the impact of any rate increases. We regret the need to increase rates at this time; however, it is necessary to allow us to continue and improve our programs of maintaining reliable electric service to our membership.

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