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Energy Alternatives - EnviroWatts

Now, you can make a difference through the EnviroWatts® program
EnviroWatts is an earth-friendly way to support the use of renewable energy and promote research and development of new, renewable energy sources in Ohio.

With each 100-kilowatt hour block of EnviroWatts you purchase, you can be assured that 100-kilowatt hours of electricity were produced from renewable energy sources. In addition, a portion of your purchase helps fund research and development of new renewable energy sources in Ohio.

EnviroWatts symbol logoWhy is my Cooperative offering EnviroWatts?

It’s everyone’s responsibility to care for our resources and use them wisely. Your electric cooperative cares about the environment and renewable energy. That’s one of the reasons why we are exploring new, earth-friendly energy alternatives.

What renewable energy source is used to produce EnviroWatts?

Electricity generated for EnviroWatts is produced from landfill methane gas. As organic waste decays, it produces methane gas. Rather than release this gas into the atmosphere, it is collected and used to generate electricity.

This not only helps improve the environment, but also decreases our dependence on fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and foreign oil.

EnviroWatts Sunflower - symbol for green energyYOU can make a difference!

You can participate in the EnviroWatts program for as little as $2 a month. That’s about the cost of a cup of coffee! By purchasing just one block of EnviroWatts each month for a year, you can have the same environmental impact as not driving your car for three months or not using 2½ barrels of oil.

Together, we can make a difference!

Click here for an application to apply for EnviroWatts.
You will need Adobe Reader to view and print this form. Click on the green Adobe Reader link to download it now.



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