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Code of Regulations

The Code of Regulations consists of fourteen Articles and The Articles of Incorporation. It also contains a Statement of Ideals, Objectives, and a Mission Statement. The Code of Regulations was last amended on April 14, 2012. If you wish to see the complete Code of Regulations you may click on the links at the bottom of this page, mouseover and click on the directory to the right, or contact the Cooperative.

Statement of Ideals

We Believe:

1. That the Cooperative exists primarily to serve its consumers. The services provided by the Cooperative are essential to the people of our area, to our state, to the building of our Nation.
2. That the benefits for all groups, consumers, member-owners, employees and the public must be in balance and the product of a well-run enterprise.
3. That it is all important that the Cooperative furnish the best electric service that it can provide, a service high in value and steadily improving, at a price to the user that will always be as reasonable as possible and at the same time keep the Cooperative financially stable.
4. That the success of the Cooperative depends on the people it employs to provide this essential service. To provide this service the Cooperative must attract and keep capable employees. They must be adequately paid and have an opportunity to advance within their demonstrated capacities and the Cooperative must continually develop first-rate leaders for the future.
5. That the Cooperative must do all things essential to good management; provide dependable service, develop a stable financial structure, develop a sound organization, and train leaders on a long-range basis.
6. That the opportunities in the enterprise carry with them both economic and social responsibilities.
7. That the natural resources of this Country should be developed to provide an abundance of low cost power for all.


Statement of Objectives

With Employees:

1. To establish the view that our greatest assets are our human assets and that these must be developed and improved as a matter of moral obligation, as well as material advantage.
2. To reward and encourage progress, inform, train, develop and properly assign all employees in order to attract and keep in its service those who seek a career with the Cooperative so that their lives and work will be given meaning, dignity, satisfaction and purpose both on and off the job.
3. To obtain acceptance of the idea that security and satisfaction come from doing a job well.


With the Public:

1. To develop understanding, acceptance and support of the Cooperative’s objectives, plans and programs.
2. To foster and develop the acceptance of the Cooperative as a respected member of the business community.
3. To provide leadership and cooperate with other community and civic groups in furthering programs that contribute to total area development.


With the Member-Consumers:

1. To provide the best possible electric service to all who desire it within the Cooperative’s service area to the lowest price consistent with the highest standards of service which includes the establishment of an adequate financial structure, sufficient funds available to cover all costs of service, reasonable payments to local governments in the form of taxes, retirement of the outstanding debt obligations, provision for future expansion and equitable remuneration to the employees.
2. To promote the wise and beneficial use of electricity and electrical appliances and equipment to the end that it will improve the standard of living, promote better health, and contribute to a higher income for the people of Southeastern Ohio.
3. To stimulate and support Rural Area Development programs which will increase and stabilize the economic level of the Cooperative’s service area.
4. To strive constantly for ever higher standards of service through progressive management, utilization of new equipment and techniques and improved methods of operation in order to lower costs of distributing electric power.
5. To enhance the Cooperative’s reputation for fair dealing, prompt and efficient service, dependability, integrity, courtesy, productive ability and technical competence.
6. To keep the members adequately informed about the manner of operation, plans, progress and problems of their Cooperative and to strive to obtain their understanding, acceptance and support and to demonstrate that the business is locally owned and operated.
7. To develop among the members, through democratic processes of participation, the recognition of member ownership and accountability and to encourage their increased participation in the affairs of the Cooperative which affect them.

Articles of Incorporation Code of Regulations Mission Statement Statement of Ideals-Objectives



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